Liquid Wax Melt

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Are you tired of having to put a whole melt block in your warmer? Well those days are now over with our liquid wax melt.

Liquid Wax Melt is more than the average wax melt, they are superior in every way, Meticulously developed to perfection right here at Soo Good Soapery a combination of top end ingredients, hard work, and love, to formulate far superior, and premium Liquid wax melt, and we've jam packed them full of punch! Our premium Liquid wax melt will fill the entire home with amazing aroma, not just one room.

For wax melt lovers who demand only the best. We introduce to you, breathtaking, premium liquid wax melt: gorgeous scents, incredibly strong. 

These liquid wax melts are stronger and longer lasting than anything you'll find, hands down. 

Simple, clean and easy to use:

Simply shake the bottle like a Polaroid picture, squirt in as much as desired, watch the magic as they swirl with shimmer and color while filling your whole house with delicious smells

Clean ups a snap!

No need to freeze, reheat, or get things messy as with standard melts. 


With over 200 fragrances and limited editions we are unable to list them all here.  In order to stipulate a chosen fragrance please comment your chosen fragrance in the comment section of your order from the list here

Please note failure to stipulate a chosen fragrance in the comment section of your order means that we provide you with one of our best sellers as a mystery.  


100ml Easy to use bottle

Do not swallow.


Keep out of reach of children.

Do not leave heating wax unattended.

Clean up spills immediately to avoid surface staining. 

Do not place near open flame.

Made and Owned, with, in Australia

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