Soap Pack Donated By Soo Good Soapery

Regular price $2.00

Soo Good Soapery has donated a Soap Pack to be raffled with all funds from the raffle go directly towards the enrollment fee for Harmony to attend the Aspects Satellite Class Program in 2022. 

Each number costs $2.00 payable to the Bank Account messaged to you (not via this website) and the RRP value of this prize is $79.95 so dig deep.   

Comment your message below on the facebook post.

The winner is drawn via video by Harmony herself once all numbers are sold and paid for.  

Postage is included in the prize Australia Wide (if outside of Australia further postage costs will apply) 

250ml Whipped Soap  (Your chosen Fragrance) 

Cold Processed Hand Made Lavender Soap 

Cold Processed Hand Made Grapefruit and Mint Soap 

Cold Process Hand Made Herbs & Flowers Soap 

Cold Processed Hand Made Highland Black Raspberry (with Goats Milk) Soap


Numbers Available 

1 Mel Res
2 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
3 Rita Yartlett
4 Helen Boddy 
5 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
6 Rita Yartlett
7 Mel Res
8 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
9 Helen Boddy 
10 Mel Res
11 Helen Boddy 
12 Rita Yartlett
13 Mel Res
14 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
15 Rita Yartlett
16 Mel Res
17 Helen Boddy 
18 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
19 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
20 Helen Boddy 
21 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
22 Kim Watts
23 Mel Res
24 Rita Yartlett
25 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
26 Kim Watts
27 Kim Watts
28 Kim Watts
29 Kim Watts
30 Rita Yartlett
31 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
32 Helen Boddy 
33 Rita Yartlett
34 Helen Boddy 
35 Mel Res
36 Kim Watts
37 Kim Watts
38 Helen Boddy 
39 Rita Yartlett
40 Mel Res
41 Helen Boddy 
42 Rita Yartlett
43 Kim Watts
44 Karen Savage (Harmony's Mum)
45 Kim Watts
46 Mel Res
47 Kim Watts
48 Rita Yartlett
49 Helen Boddy 
50 Mel Res