Unscented Milk and Manuka Honey Comforting Soap

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Comforting to overloaded senses and delicate skin.

This range is unscented and made on pure goats milk, and is suited to people with a range of allergies, sensitivities and skin 'problems'.

Benefits of using Goats Milk 

Adding goat milk to your soap provides many benefits for your skin. Goat milk contains lactic acid. This alpha-hydroxy acid helps naturally exfoliate your skin so it looks younger. Goat milk also contains Vitamin A which supports the repair of sun-damaged skin.

The cream in goat milk contributes to naturally moisturizing your skin. Because goat milk contains anti-oxidants, it helps reduce oxidative stress on your skin. Oxidative stress leads to premature aging of your skin and should be avoided. And don't forget that goat milk provides minerals that your skin needs to stay healthy.

The benefits to your skin from Goat Milk Soap are numerous. Using Goat Milk Soap is one of the simplest ways to take incredible care of the health of your skin.

What do we really mean by Sensitive Skin?

Skin sensitivity could be due to allergies - which might include allergy to grains (ie gluten), ground nuts, tree nuts or dairy. We've carefully formulated this range to exclude some of the major causes of allergy**

** If you are dairy intolerant you might want to avoid this goat's milk bar.

Skin sensitivity could also be due to past or current exposure to harsh environments or substances that dry, irritate or inflame the skin. Look for simple ingredients that you can recognise in your products to reduce the chance of irritation.

Sometimes skin sensitivity is simply about our stage of life. Babies and children definitely have sensitive skin and many of my clients have told me that as they age they find they can't use the same drying products they did when they were younger.

Some people with sensitive skin react to scents, both artificial and natural, which is why this range is unscented, not even essential oils are added.

All of the soap bars in our Sensitive Skin range are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and NO OTHER OILS. The lather of a pure olive oil (known as 'castile') soap is described as creamy or 'lotion like', which is exactly what you need when your skin is sensitive.

And our promise to you? If you're not happy with the gentle cleansing effect of our Sensitive Skin Soap, simply return it to us and we'll happily refund the full price.

Our Manuka Honey & Goat's Milk bars contain:

  • Goat’s Milk is extremely moisturising and helps soften & soothe the skin. The PH of goat’s milk is similar to that of human skin and is full of nutrients. Some people with sensitive skin that can’t tolerate other products find that goat’s milk soaps are helpful. We use fresh goat’s milk from our neighbours in our Goat’s Milk range.
  • Manuka honey comes from bees in Australia that harvest from the manuka shrub, and has been found to have highly therapeutic properties, including in wound healing

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Coconut, Certified Palm, Olive, Canola, Cocoa Butter and Castor), Goats Milk, Manuka Honey and Titanium Dioxide.  

We are cruelty free  and animal friendly! We are also NSW Based and Find 99% of our ingredients locally.   

Each soap is lovingly handcrafted and hand-cut, therefore each bar will be slightly different. The weight you see listed below is the minimum weight of the soap you will receive. It may be more, but won't be less.

Weight: Approx 150g Per Bar 

How to ensure the long life of your soap

Each bar of soap is cured for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure it is gentle on our skin and will last as long as possible.

Cold process soap does not last well if left sitting in water, therefore to ensure your soap lasts a long time please keep it on a draining soap dish or soap holder

Made and Owned, with, in Australia